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Amazon Rating 4.6 | Smytten Rating 4.5

Had the panlette with tomato ketchup for breakfast. It was fluffy, soft, filling and quite tasty. A fruit along with it completed the breakfast.

Anita SharmaAmazon Customer

good product, loved it, I recommend, very loving to the health, made pancake. try worthy.

Basudeb MondalSmytten Customer

Convenient. Easy to make. Good protein source. Alternative to omelets. Can make different variants as per taste with Classic.

ArunAmazon Customer

The taste is very good.. also the packaging is very good looks premium.. easy to make.. good product in this price range. Gonna recommend this to my family and friends.

Sagar MoorjaniAmazon Customer

Firttata made from this mix is very tasty, easy to make, loved it, need
more such type of product.

Raghunath ParabSmytten Customer

good for health wise its so yummy and tasty i kids want more eaten there are no cholesterol in nutriquo

Janvi GillSmytten Customer

Protein pan lette. mix masala used for morning breakfast best for use and hunger satisfied

Swati KhedkarSmytten Customer

Mix, Pour and Flip to Protein Up your Day

Get the right nutrition with just the right mix of flavours - all ready to please your mind, body and palate.


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Vegan Mushroom Tacos

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Stuffed Vegetable Pan'lette

Stuffed Vegetable Pan'lette

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Pan'lette Sourdough Sandwich

Pan'lette Sourdough Sandwich

Ingredients • 1 packet of NutriQuo Pan'lette Classic mix (40gms) • 2 tbsp bell peppers chopped (yellow and red) • 2 tbsp green capsicum chopped • 2...
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