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As cliched as it may sound, but we firmly believe in - You are what you eat! So mindful eating of healthy foods is no longer an option. All of us would love to eat, indulgently, whether fast food, home made meals or gourmet foods. However, research indicates that our average meals - snacks and fast foods , are overloaded with Carbs, Fats and Sugars. This gets further compounded by the fast paced but less active lifestyle that we end up living.  What we and our loved ones need for good health is more nutritionally balanced diet with a good amount of quality proteins. At NutriQuo, we have taken on a mission to enhance the nutritional quotient of Indian diet through plant based food solutions that are
  With NutriQuo, all of us can get protein enriched, nutritionally balanced snacks and meals in a jiffy while doing a world of good for the planet that we live in!

Holistic wellness is a function of an active lifestyle and a nutritious diet. NutriQuo aims to transform food choices by bringing in goodness of plant-based balanced nutrition solutions, that are tasty and easy to cook.

NutriQuo - Nourishes the wellness of your loved ones and the planet 

Founder’s Note (Story)

The founders grew up as vegetarians, who then added eggs and meat to their diet led by the perception that they are superior sources of protein and nourishment. Recent trends in food sciences have clearly shown that this a myth and that plant based foods can be a healthier and more sustainable source of proteins and nutrition for the world. A commitment to live and enable a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their children, prompted the founders to launch a product that would make healthy eating easier through convenient, tasty and nutritionally balanced plant based foods. A good network of like-minded food and consumer industry professionals has helped build a great foundation to take this challenge ahead. We are excited to offer you balanced nutrition, the plant and planet way!

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