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A Versatile mix for Making Healthy recipes

|High Protein, Zero Cholesterol, Breakfast, Gym Snack, Healthy Food.

| Ready to Cook, Instant Mix.

|100% Plant based Made with Lentils & Cereals.

| Weight -240gm | Serves 6 | Vegetarian| Vegan friendly.

A great alternative to pancakes and omelets. It gives you a highest protein among vegetarian alternatives and gives you zero cholesterol compared to any non- vegetarian options. A win-win healthy protein snack.

Protein Pan’lette mix

  • NutriQuo‘s unique formula delivers.
  • high quality protein ( 9 gm per serve).
  • with all 9 essential amino acids for good health (upto 30% of daily requirement per serve).
  • Has less fats and zero cholesterol.

Classic Flavor

  • Classic flavor is plain base that allows you to make what you like to make – just add salt and pepper to make a simple Pan’lette or give your family a nutritious meal with recipes (Link to recipes) like Fritatta, Tacos or Korean Vegetable pancake.

How to prepare

  • Just add 100 ml water to 40 gm mix to make a batter, pour on to and cook on a lightly oiled pan on low flame. You can add other ingredients of your choice – mushrooms, onion, tomato and spices to suit your palette. Enjoy an irresistibly nutritious Pan’lette in just a few minutes!

ANYTIME HEALTHY EATING for EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY! Protein-packed breakfast or afternoon snack, Healthy snack for teens , Pre-post gym snack and Diet booster for adults.