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Nutriquo Protein Pan'lette Mix - Masala flavour
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Preloaded with Veggies & Spices for the quick 5 minute recipe

|High Protein, Zero Cholesterol, Breakfast, Gym Snack, Healthy Food.

| Ready to Cook, Instant Mix.

|100% Plant based Made with Lentils & Cereals.

| Weight -240gm | Serves 6 | Vegetarian| Vegan friendly.

A great alternative to pancakes and omelets. It gives you a highest protein among vegetarian alternatives and gives you zero cholesterol compared to any non- vegetarian options. A win-win healthy protein snack.

Protein Pan’lette mix

  • NutriQuo‘s unique formula delivers
  • high quality protein ( 9 gm per serve)
  • with all 9 essential amino acids for good health (upto 30% of daily requirement per serve).
  • Has less fats and zero cholesterol.

Masala Flavor

  • Masala flavor comes loaded with goodness of veggies and an amazing Indian mix masala pre-flavoring. So, when you are in a hurry or not in a mood to do chopping, just mix the masala pan’lette mix with water, pour on the pan and flip to get Masala Pan’lettes in under 5 minutes, Serve with breads toasted and sauces of choice.

How to prepare

  • Just add 100 ml water to 40 gm mix to make a batter, pour on to and cook on a lightly oiled pan on low flame. You can add other ingredients of your choice – mushrooms, onion, tomato and spices to suit your palette. Enjoy an irresistibly nutritious Pan’lette in just a few minutes!

ANYTIME HEALTHY EATING for EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY! Protein-packed breakfast or afternoon snack, Healthy snack for teens , Pre-post gym snack and Diet booster for adults.




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What is Nutriquo Protein Pan'lette Mix?

NutriQuo protein Pan’lette mix is ready to cook, a healthy mix of energy and protein that satisfies your hunger and provides you with adequate nutrition.

Who is this mix made for?

NutriQuo protein Pan’lette mix is made to meet the daily nutrition requirements of each being be it a fitness enthusiast, a growing teen, or anyone from your family.

I don’t go to the gym. Is Nutriquo Protein Pan'lette Mix for me?

Indians lack sufficient protein and if you're a vegetarian, you definitely fall under this bracket. So, indeed, more protein is necessary for everyone, not just for gym rats. Expectant mothers, developing children, and aged fathers all do!

How much protein is there in a single serving?

 A single serving of Nutriquo Protein Pan'lette Mix provides you with 9gm of protein which is 30% of your recommended daily intake.

Is this protein mix veg?

Yes, Nutriquo Protein Pan'lette Mix is a vegan-friendly product which means it’s 100% veg.

I’m lactose intolerant, is this mix ok for me?

Nutriquo Protein Pan'lette Mix is made from 100% plant nutrition with zero traces of dairy products.

P.S.: It is safe for you!

What ingredients is this mix made up of?

 This nutrition-filled easy-to-cook mix is made with the goodness of lentils and cereals.

Why should I include it in my diet?

 Our protein mix is a popular snack designed to be a convenient source of nutrition. You should add these to your diet because they’re a quick way to add protein and essential nutrients to a busy and active lifestyle.

What all dishes can be made from it?

 It is the healthiest and most balanced nutrition option. You can cook multiple dishes using it like omelets, wraps, chillas, dosa, and the list goes on.

When can I have it?

Nutriquo Protein Pan'lette Mix is a perfect breakfast partner but you can enjoy it at any time of the day as your snack buddy.